Fast challenge:
make a demo in 24h


For Deadline 2022 LJ and Virgill organized the fantastic "One Cube" - challenge: Just take this awesome soundtrack with a reasonably short length, and here is a theme that's open enough to make a fast demo about.

The results were 5 stunning fast entries for the anaglyph demo compo and a lot fun working together on stuff.

Fast challenge 3: Zenta 2022

So here comes installment #3. We will aim for Zenta 2022.
There will be a theme or a prompt, some random words that the demo should be about. We will publish them on the 28th

This time the soundtrack is contributed by lucid!
download music mp3 file

Topics are: Gradients Particles Laser avoid: Loop

Results will be published on this page!

Join us! Have fun and remember: There is so little time there is no way you could screw this up (besides by not trying).

"The only way to make better demos is to release."
- nero


Dec, 28th 14:45 CET Join us on Discord for the official start ceremony:
Together we will roll the dice to get a random prompt for the theme and reveal the soundtrack and midi-files for this challenge.
29th 15:00 CET Deadline / Upload closes
29th 22:00 CET Compo / Live stream



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